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Kamel FILALIi & Badreddine SBARTAI Algeria Bayesian Simulation for Probabilistic Liquefaction Analysis Using Shear Wave Velocity
Najeh GRAJA, Moncef ZAIRI & Belgacem JARRAY Tunisia Elevation of the Bouhertma Dam, Tunisia: mechanical stability of the body of the dam
Jamel KAMOUN & Mounir BOUASSIDA TunisiaEffect of the void index of the resistant layer on the bearing capacity of a
Rolf KATZENBACH, Steffen LEPPLA & Marwan ALZAYLAIE Germany Analysis of deep foundation in Dubai sedimentary rock
Omar EL FILALI, Benaissa KİSSİ & Houssine EJJAOUANİ MoroccoUsing CPT-based methods to the assessment of soils liquefaction potential.
Application in Drader site- province of KENITRA
F Ali SWAID Libya Calibration of the partial saturation model (GPHPS) describing the electrical conductivity parameters in partially saturated sediments
Abdelaziz KHENNOUF & Mohamed BAHEDDI AlgeriaHeave prediction of square footing in an expansive soil using 3D numerical modeling
Abdelhamid MESSAMEH
Algeria Numerical Study of Saturated Soils in Oedometer test
Badreddine SBARTAI & Hammoudi BELKHIR AlgeriaNon-Linear Harmonic Seismic SH Wave Response of 3D Rigid Surface Foundation
Mohammad El MANNAAI., Khalil I. Al-Samarrai, Salah A &
Abdussalam M. Bahron
Libya Approximations of friction angle and cohesive strength of normal soil based on Standard Penetration test data, Tripoli, Libya
Abdussalam M. BAHRON & El MANNAI. M Libya Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Tripoli Soil Using SPT
TABCHOUCHE Seifeddine & BOUASSIDA Mounir Algeria Lateral expansion of granular piles under vertical loading – numerical and experimental investigations
Meriem FAKHREDDINE BOUALI & Mounir BOUASSIDA AlgeriaWall Displacement Modes Dependent Passive Earth Pressure Analysis
Philip STOTT South Africa The impact of variability of soil properties on characteristic values for geotechnical design
Naoui TALLAH & Mohamed KHEMISSA Algeria Effect of soil-structure interaction on the behavior of a high-fill embankment reinforced by metal reinforcements
Saddika MOHAMADI, Belkacem MOUSSAI & Malika BELKACEM Algeria Study of the Stability of the Ventilation Shaft N°4 of Algiers Metro Project
Extension: El Harrach Center - Algiers International Airport
TABCHOUCHE Seifeddine & BOUASSIDA Mounir Algeria Behavior of soft soils reinforced by stone columns and sand compaction piles- Experimental and numerical studies
Bouziane, A. Jamin & F. El MANDOUR Morocco Analysis of the behavior of compressible soils reinforced by stone columns – an experimental laboratory study
Haithem BEN JAMAA, Latifa ELGHEZAL & Mehrez JAMEI Tunisia DEM simulation of assembly of grains of expanded clay subjected to 1D compression tests
Gihan ELSAYED ABDELRAHMAN, Mohamed N. Hosni &
Walaa E. Mohammed
Egypt Compressive Study to Improve Swelling Soil by Using Geofoam Technique
Hassan EMAD
Egypt Comparative Study for Raft Design Based on Sap and 3D Plaxis Analysis
Myriam LETIF, Noureddine MEZOUAR & Ramdane BAHAR Algeria Relationship between standard penetration test and Menard Pressuremeter test for some Algerian soils
Abdellah AZOUGAY, Halima REZQI, Mostafa OUJIDI &
Morocco Geotechnical data analysis for rational development planning : case study of
Beni–Ensar city (NE Morocco)
Ramdhane BAHAR Algeria Prediction of bored piles behavior using pressure meter test results
Nadia R & Mounir BOUASSIDA Tunisia Contribution to geotechnical database for Tunis soil
Tarek KORMI, abaa, Mbarka SELMI & Nizar BELHADJ ALI Tunisia Probabilistic Capacity Analysis of Strip Foundations under VM Combined Loading
Lakhdar MEKKI, Mohamed KHEMISSA & Abdelkrim
Algeria Study of the effects of treatment with different cement classes on the physical and mechanical properties of an expansive clay.
Adnan Zainorabidin, Azman Kassim & MOHAMAD NIIZAR
MALAYSIAN Settlement of Peat Stabilised with Polyurethane Grout
Malika BOUMAIZA & Sadika MOHAMAD Algeria Effect of the vertical load on the stability of soul reinforced with ballaste column
Amir BOUSTILA; Abdellah HAFSAOUI; Menal ZEROUAL Algeria Assessment of tunnelling-induced settlement using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
Dalel AZAIEZ, Mounir BOUASSIDA Tunisia Applying SHANSEP method to reconstituted Tunis Soft Clay through undrained shear investigation with the new proposed tool CST.
Amal medjnoun,mohammed cherif mechri, ramdane bahar Algeria Effect of sand andkaolinite on bentonite swelling

Mohammad El Manaai, Khalil Al-Samarrai, Mohamed Amer Libya Assessment of Bearing Capacity for Embankment Based on California
Bearing Ratio and Soil Index Parameters
Wafi Bouassida, Mounir Bouassida ,Essaieb Hamdi, Yuri Kharin Tunisia Development of Load Transfer Curves for Estimating the Settlement of
Axially Loaded Recharge Impulse Technology (RIT) Piles
Alaa Ata, Marwa Nabil, Doaa Hossam EgyptUse of Ethyl Cellulose and Chitosan Hydrophobic Biopolymers in Sand Stabilization
Hatem KAROUI, hajer MAAZOUN & Mounir BOUASSIDA Tunisia Numerical simulation of wet deposited Phosphogypsum embankment
resting on deposited one
Abdelwaheb BEN SLEMA, Nessma FEKI & Moncef ZAIRI Tunisia Reduction of the sulphate content of the sediments of the commercial port of
Sfax for a possible reuse in road construction
Wissem Taktak Tunisia Evaluation de la consommation énergétique et du coût de réalisation d’une chaussée inverse
K. El KORCHI, R. ALAMI , A. SAADAOUI , S. MIMOUNT & A. CHAOUCH Morocco Residence time distribution studies using radiotracers in a lab-scale distillation Column: Experiments and modeling

last name and first nameCountryThe title of the abstract
Aicha BENNAOUM , Hanane HAMAD,
Algeria Effect of uranium on seed germination of Cleome amblyocarpa Barr. & Murb.
Fathi Ali SWAID Libya The Sensitivity of Electrical Geophysical Methods for mapping Salt Stores within the Soil Profile
Makrem HARZALLI Tunisia The June 2002 24th, 2002 (Mw 5.2) earthquake: Seismotectonics in the Central Tunisia from stress inversion of earthquake focal mechanisms
Rakia SHABOU, Abderrazek KALLEL, Moncef
TunisiaUsing a combined GIS-multicriteria analysis methodology for natural resources protection: a case study for OMW disposal sites choice
Sana SIMOU, Khadija BABA, Abderrahmane
NOUNAH & Abdelatif AARAB
Morroco Restoration of a monument through photogrammetric archiving of architectural elements: case of Marinid sites in Rabat-MoroccoA
APPLICATION TO THE Hedile (northwestern Tunisia)
Athmania Djamel Algeria Cartographie de la vulnérabilité multifactorielle à l'érosion hydrique des sols de la région de Tébessa NE Algérie
Rahma HADDED, billel SOUSSI Tunisia best sites for construction waste
EL GUERTET Iman ,Aarab Abdellatif, Mohamed ejjemal ,Younes el ghazi Morroco Cartography by drone and geophysics of the site of challah
(Valorization optimal of the site)
Mohamed ABBA, Ali ESSAHLAOUI & Omar ELKHARKI Morocco Study of silting by means of interferometric coherence of Sentinel-1A images In Southeast
Rifaat Abdalla Integrated Coastal Zone Management Using Remote Sensing and Hydrography

last name and first nameCountryThe title of the abstract
Nesrine GUEBSI & Essaieb HAMDI Tunisia Experimental validation of anisotropic rock thermal properties estimation using micro-mechanical approach
Kais ben Abdallah , Salma souissi & Hamdi
Tunisia Integral geomechanical integrity study of fractured carbonate reservoir –
Hasdrubal field as case study
Soufien EZZEIRI, Oumaima BEN ALI &
Tunisia A Huang-Hilbert Transform based index to study thermally-induced microcracking in rock aggregates

Spainrockfall 3D analysis in a hotogram and power plant area departing from hotogrammetry by dron
Alberto GRIMOD France Slope Erosion Protection Using Flexible Structural Facing : The Case Study Of
Mellousa At The Moroccan Railways
Wafae ALLAOUI morroco Erosion study in the Wadi Sra Basin: application EPM
Amade POUYA France Geomechanical approach of fault instabilities by cohesive zone models
Khalil Ibrahim Al Samarrai, Mohamad Mustafa
Libya Evaluating Reservoir Strength Parameters from Geophysical Well Logs:
Michel CHALHOUB, Amade POUYA France Effective elastic properties of rock masses with finite size fracture sets using FEM
Salma SOUISSI, Michel CHALHOUB, Amade
A methodology to determine the deformation modulus of a rock mass using field data and FE
Dounia Amrani Algeria Numerical modeling of risks of natural landslides stabilized by reinforcement systems
Jean-Claude GRESS & Matthias FERREIRA France Shear waves velocity Vs for soils and rocks correlated to density ɣd
Ghada SNOUSSI, Yijue YANG & Olivier
Tunisia Thermal, hydraulic and mechanical properties of Technosols